Profile: Serge Oppedisano | CEO of Wurth Australia

Serge Oppedisano

Chief Executive Officer Managing Director Australia and New Zealand Member of the Asia Pacific Strategy Board

From the very beginning of his career at Wurth Australia, Serge Oppedisano has always instilled a corporate culture that is marked by values such as strength, positivity, determination to succeed and a high respect for Wurth employees and their achievements.

Serge Oppedisano is regarded as a visionary leader who evolved from humble beginnings. After a decade long career of being self-employed in the Automotive industry, Serge commenced his professional Wurth career in 1999 as a Sales Representative in the Automotive Division. Twelve months later, Serge was promoted to Area Manager responsible for the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas.

In 2007, he then took on the role as Marketing Manager also overlooking the Cargo Division. Serge became Managing Director for Wurth Australia in 2010. In January 2013, Serge was appointed CEO of Wurth Australia and a member of the Asia Pacific Strategy Board, responsible for the Wurth Line Companies in Oceania. This opportunity allowed him to further implement direct change management strategies for Australia and New Zealand, whilst contributing to the overall Asia Pacific strategies for the Wurth Group.

Serge’s empathetic nature and his desire to develop close business relationships with customers and his staff remains central to his leadership and management style today.

Today under Serge’s leadership, Wurth Australia is at the forefront of technology. This includes the recent introduction of a specialised system for enterprise resource planning (ERP), referred to as Wurth System One (WS-1). This SAP based platform connects our business globally and integrates our valued sales representatives via iPad technology to ensure complete access to fast and accurate sales automation.

According to Serge, providing excellence in customer service and promoting proactive customer relationships is what sets Wurth apart from its competitors. We focus on partnering with customers to provide value added services and solutions which improve productivity. A perfect example is our innovative Wurth ORSY (ORganised SYstem) allowing customers to personalise a storage system for consumables best suited to their environment.

With a 400+ strong sales force spread across all aspects of Australia, Wurth can reach a diverse range of industries, allowing customers fast access to 10,000+ active articles.

Wurth Australia’s innovative E-Shop allows efficient Business to Business (B2B) transactions in a safe and controlled online environment. With easy to use navigation, the Wurth E-Shop allows customers the ability to centrally control purchases via order templates and partner identification user profiles, including the opportunity to identify, define and select specific cost centres.

From the very start, Serge has always instilled Wurth’s objective: to be synonymous with quality and deliver the products our customers need to the exacting standards they expect.

That’s why every product that Wurth Australia releases for the marketplace has been rigorously tested to our exacting standards and specifically designed to deliver a real solution for every customer. Serge believes the quest for improvement in quality is continuous. In the race for quality, there is no finish line.

“Our customers can have absolute confidence in knowing that each Wurth product is fit-for-purpose, top quality, hard wearing and reliable, and has been subjected to tougher testing by us than it will ever face in real life applications”.

Our strict quality assurance measures also extend to our suppliers. Wurth insists on only using suppliers who share the same exacting standards and produces the most environmentally-friendly products possible.

In terms of Wurth’s company culture, Serge encourages and promotes open communication, opportunities to further develop knowledge and skills, all whilst focusing on our number one priority – our customers.

Serge is committed to the human element of the business, which includes the company’s involvement within the community throughout the country, partnering with a large number of grass roots groups such as local football and netball clubs, go-karting associations and car clubs. Wurth Australia are suppliers to many charitable organisations such as The Variety Club, Hand Brake Turn and World Skills Australia, providing donations of tools and equipment to assist groups in need. On a larger scale, Wurth Australia is a proud major national sponsor of the DJR Team Penske racing team.

In 2014, Wurth Australia was recognised at the Premier Regional Business Awards, winning the Corporate Social Responsibility and Employment Award presented by the Greater Dandenong Chamber of Commerce.

This award and the culture of Wurth Australia is reflective of the investment placed upon its people. With an industry leading Training Academy, all staff complete an intensive 5-day induction program, ensuring they understand the Wurth culture and global community. This extends to our company philosophy of recruiting from within and developing our people to ensure a clear career path is available for all staff.

Above all else, Serge instils the importance of a positive team environment regardless of position. The key to successful management is about harnessing the importance of teamwork, continuous improvement and accountability. Serge often says we should be “better today than we were yesterday’.

Serge’s passion is to ensure the continued success of the Wurth Group well into the future.

Attitude = Altitude