Michael Clemente Motorsport

It’s been an extremely busy month for the team at Michael Clemente Motorsport, both on and off-track.

“Making the move into TCR and running their own privateer team has been equal parts exciting and daunting. It’s been humbling to have received the amount of support and media coverage we have had over a relatively short amount of time so firstly thank you for all of your support to get us to this point!” says Michael Clemente.

The test program so far has focussed on getting Michael familiar with the car and understanding the different handling characteristics. At the TCR season launch, the team we were able to achieve times that had them second on the time sheets (on old tyres) and setting consistently competitive times.

“When we set out for our qualifying simulation run on new tyres I unfortunately made a small mistake during the first flying lap resulting in a spin and damaging the tyres on the car. Without a second set of new tyres available this means that our time was overtaken as more cars moved onto green rubber but we were able to consolidate our learnings from the day and are confident that we’ll be able to put on a good show during the year.”

As the Australian Grand Prix approached, the team worked exceptionally hard to ensure they were 100% race ready. Unfortunately, the race weekend was cancelled due to COVID-19. The team were very disappointed to be forced to pack up and leave the event a few minutes before their first scheduled race on Friday morning.

In saying that, Michael Clemente completed 2 practice sessions & qualifying sessions, and they have a lot to be proud of!

In the first practice session, Michael’s main focus was to learn the new circuit and not make any unnecessary risks that could lead to any damage of the car. After the first practice session was complete, the team made some setup changes to the car as it had felt a little oversteery (meaning the rear of the car was wanting to drift) into the fast corners.

Once we had made the setup change and went back out on the track, Michael immediately felt the difference in the car setup and it allowed him the opportunity to have more confidence and drive harder.

Michael Clemente Motorsport managed to finish 4th out of the 22 competitors for that session, beating the names of Jason Bargwanna, Garth Tander and James Moffat.

Despite all the disappointment not being able to race, the weekend had many positives for the team.

“Just being there competing at the Grand Prix event was unreal and something that I will cherish and never forget! I cannot thank Wurth Australia enough for the support!”

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