Wurth Australia & DJR Team Penske, a Global Sponsorship Strategy

DJR Team Penske

Knowing that staff and customers are passionate Motorsport fans, Wurth are confident that the brand values shared between the Penske organisation and Wurth Australia, of quality and professionalism represent a unique partnership. Having a long-standing relationship with Dick Johnson and Penkse internationally, this partnership locally of DJR Team Penske was a natural win win agreement for all stakeholders.

Wurth has a vibrant business in Australia with over 450 sales staff but coupled with DJR Team Penske, now have the ability to extend their passion for success into the public arena. Signing a multi-year deal, Wurth Australia are excited to share the success both on and off track with their customers and staff.

About DJR Team Penske

DJR Team Penske is one of Australia’s most iconic motor sport teams - Dick Johnson Racing. DJR commenced in 1980 after the infamous ‘rock’ incident at Bathurst and has enjoyed a vibrant career, with the biggest announcement taking place in late 2014 when the investment by Roger Penske in DJR was formalized. Since this time, the team have gone from strength to strength securing several pole positions in recent races.

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