At this point we head over to the painter

At this point we head over to the painter. His role is not only to cover the sheet metal with colour, but to also take over from this point with the responsibility of continuing refinement of the fit and alignment through the entire paint phase.

In our case we have been lucky to work with the very talented and respected team at Re-Creation Automotive. These guys have many years of international experience at preparing high-end classic cars to world class standards.

This is always a point in the project where enthusiasm is gained because you turn a corner. I often describe it as jogging on level ground, although to the painters it is I’m sure an up-hill challenge. For us though it’s the phase where we get to bolt on the parts for the last time. It is for me a psychological shot in the arm, realising the finished shell which then spurs on to complete the car.

When it is complete, everyone involved in the project feel a great sense of pride about their involvement and hard earned accomplishment.