Miles on the Road

Sometimes it's hard to justify the endless hours you spend working through a project. You can churn through an entire day with not a lot to show for the time you spend.

However, with 'miles on the road' you learn to understand the true value of the time you invest in the background work you do.

Spending time building tooling, pattern making and reverse engineering gives you solid points of reference as you re-build the car. As you un-pick, repair, drill, grind, weld, fabricate and measure body shell components, points of reference shift and lose their centre.

Part of what we are doing here is mitigating those risks. Having a great table to work from is a start, then borrowing another car to simulate ride height and the car's correct stance is another.

We can also reduce risk by shaping a series of wooden templates and locking them into the correct length, width and height.

Calibrating the cars three dimensionally (math data) from a loan car helps me. I then place the body on the table, pull it down and re-construct it.

Here's a photo of the car suspended at its measured ride height. The next phase will involve suspending the body work to the patterns we made, and then work from there.

March 2018