One of the many unseen aspects of restoration

One of the many unseen aspects of restoration work is the labour intensive elements that go into building a 300SL.

Here you can see the guys in the workshop fitting the body prior to final top coat. This fitting and alignment process takes place at least twice through the restoration cycle.

The cars essential element is the primary structure (chassis) beneath it. In the case of the SL, it’s the car’s ultimate measuring and fixing point of reference. Anchoring and tensioning the bodywork through its length, width and designated fastening points on the chassis. When it’s fully anchored, ONLY then will it have a true indication of how the car will stand and display as it sits on the true curb weight.

Sadly many restorers arrogantly avoid the labour intensive practice of mocking up the body to chassis only to do it when the body is painted. This usually results in backtracking and remediation work to make sure that gaps re-correct and doors, boot lid and bonnet open and close correctly.