Outlook to 2018

With the completion of 2017, one always invariably comes back to how quick the year has flown by; I often then reflect on either the realization of completed goals, or the goals I didn’t quite reach. The conversation always, invariably, leans towards an optimistic outlook on what will lay ahead 2018.

Two of my primary goals next year will be to focus on the Bentley S3 Continental, and our electric bike. Firstly with the Bentley, having laid the ground work with a primary strip down and sand-blast, I am now at the point of grafting the old and the new bodywork. It’s usually the hand - crafting build phase that most coach builders seem to enjoy for a whole range of reasons. But it’s only a small component in the overall construction and assembly process. This Bentley project is my biggest project yet, and without a doubt one of the most taxing. It’s true that we will over capitalise on the build, but coach-built Rolls- Royce and Bentley cars are on the rise, so I’m sure the owner will break even at some point in time. Either way, I have the right tools, and I am accorded the time to approach the project in the right way from the start!

The E-bike project is also beginning to ramp up with our mill and lathe now operational, In the new year we will build and validate the first bike, and once we are happy with the functionality of the bike, the team will complete the other five.

Stay tuned to the Wurth page for regular updates.

January 2018