Reflecting on the Real Cost of Workshop Equipment

The cliché is that “a bad workman always blames his tools”, right? This is a reference to the age old rationale, and common-sense wisdom, that a tradesman’s ability to turn out good quality work, is dependent on his character and cognitive ability, not external forces such as poor equipment. So what if the same tradie has the intuition, skill, intellect, and decision making function to do the right job? The saying might be that a “good tradesman has the right tools to begin with”.

Sometime ago I was invited to trial a mid -range-priced air-sander, and air-drill for another tool company. The tools supplied, were packaged in a very attractive- professional looking carry box, with accessories nicely laid out and in an easy to carry case.

Not long after I started using the air-drill (within two months) it ceased completely. The air-sander snapped a disk shaft and developed a bearing noise within three months. To clarify, I was the only person using the tools so the equipment was never over stressed or abused, and the money invested would have been a complete loss if I’d paid for it! On the other hand I have an air-sander and air grinder I purchased from Wurth well over 25 years ago that are still in fine working order, as a matter of fact, they run like a Swiss watch, and with no indication of anytime soon, breaking down or failing.

When you then reflect on the initial cost of both those tools, and divide them by the amount of years’ service, the cost becomes insignificant, and the value is gained over the life of the product, and the money it has helped you make over that time.

Brian Tanti’s Workshop is very proud to be associated with Wurth Australia; I have been using Wurth Products for almost thirty two years; some of my Wurth tools in my tool range, have been in daily use and they have never failed me. Wurth tools together with the comprehensive ORSY range of products and consumables, have been the backbone of our workshop. Moreover they have streamlined the conservation and restoration process within many of the cars within the Fox Car Collection.

Over the next twelve months we will be opening up a “window to the workshop” posting regular up-dates on the projects, and activities within.

Some of the projects currently underway are the following;

  • Re-Creation of a Porsche 550 Spyder
  • Bentley S3 Continental
  • FR-1 Project
  • Electric Bike Project

December 2017