One of my all-time favourite cars

One of my all-time favourite cars within the collection is the 300SL Gullwing.

It was years ahead of its rivals in many respects and as a road car, it was the closest thing you could come to as a road registered race car. You could say it was a de-tuned race car.

One of the principle attributes that set it apart was its architecture; a light weight body suspended by a very clever (ahead of its time) spaceframe chassis. Most famously, it was distinguished by its doors being hinged to the roof.

To name just a few, there were other mechanical features that made the 300 SL Gull-Wing such a great machine:

• Ramjet manifolds

• Dry sump lubrication

• Direct injection

The car being built here was an early numbered car, these were noticeable by the mouldings not being fitted as a seamless body and moulding item.

Early cars had side body moulds fitted with a material known as “welting” which served and fitted pretty much like a gasket. On later cars, this was modified to make the mould and mud guard appear as one piece. The car in question was painted in “Hullblau” metallic or light-blue metallic. It was a car that required some rust repair work and metal finishings prior to visiting Re-Creation Automotive for paint prep. The body work took place in my then humble home workshop.

Unfortunately I had to hand it back when I was finished; I was hoping the boss wouldn’t have missed it!