We're not in Kansas anymore...

With the festive season well and truly behind now, my first engagement for 2018 was to host a group of students visiting from Kansas USA. The students in question were from the prestigious McPherson University.

McPhersons, I understand, is the only educational Institution in North America to offer a Bachelor Degree in Restoration Technology. Some of the supporters and Patrons of the school include Mr Jay Leno, and Mr Ralph Lauren. The Professors were keen for the students to see my workshop, and understand some of the protocols we employ in the conservation, preservation, and restoration of historic vehicles. We took the time to also invite the RACV, and members of Association of Motoring clubs to come along, and round off their visit/ education with some understanding of Australian’s car manufacturing heritage, while at the same time showcase a select group of Australian iconic vehicles.

It was great to see so many enthusiastic young people aspiring to trade disciplines, and more than willing to embrace skills that will carry them through their career.

Staring back this week we are well advanced on our e-bike project with most of the machining taking place over the Christmas break. Our Design Engineer Russ Gallagher has worked steadily to place us in a great position. My job this week will be to start bending and fabrication tubes so we can finish up our prototype frame.

More from BTW next month!

February 2018