Australian Anchoring Standard AS 5216:2018 supersedes SA TS 101:2015

Australian Anchoring Standard AS 5216:2018

Another milestone for safety standards in the Australian construction industry has been achieved! Standards Australia recently published the new Anchoring Standard AS 5216:2018 “Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete”. This standard replaces the previous specification SA TS 101:2015, which is referenced in the National Construction Code (NCC).

First published as SA TS 101:2015 in December 2015, the technical specification ensures more consistency and transparency for everyone who is involved in the anchor design, selection and installation process. Before this, purchasers had to rely on manufacturers and suppliers information only. This made the comparisons between anchoring alternatives hard and time consuming.

With the recent revise and resignation of this specification, the new standard AS 5216:2018 does not only further simplify the selection of quality anchors, it also increases the safety of the steel and concrete connection process.

AS 5216:2018 - Developed by the AEFAC

The development of the new standard AS 5216:2018 was driven by the Australian Engineered Fasteners and Anchors Council (AEFAC) in cooperation with their key industry partners. Wurth Australia is proud to be a board member of this organisation. AEFAC is an industry initiative seeking to enhance the specification, selection, design and installation of structural anchors and fasteners in the Australian construction industry. These efforts lead into increased safety for the design and installation of anchors for the entire industry.

Wurth anchors are ETA approved and compliant to the new standard

As long term global expert in anchor technology, Wurth Australia highly recommends to install Australian Standard compliant products. It is important that engineers and installers are looking for ETA (European Technical Assessment) approval when choosing their anchors. The extensive Wurth Anchor Technology Range is quality proven and fulfils all required standards. Check out our range of anchoring solutions for your upcoming construction project.