Relast Design Software | Structural Reinforcement

For a simplified design process using RELAST

RELAST is a post-installed retrofitting system consisting of an adhesive and a concrete screw anchor that can be used to improve either the pure shear capacity or the punching shear capacity of a RC beam or slab by as much as 40% or 100% respectively.

RELAST Design Software - Structural Reinforcement

This post-installed retrofitting system acts as shear reinforcement that can be installed with relatively minimal disruption as it is only installed at the soffit of the RC element being strengthened. The system was tested for its suitability and the results were approved by the German Construction Authority DIBt with a National Technical Approval. Published parameters are used for the standard methods of detailing shear and punching shear of a RC element according to EN1992-1 and EN1992-2.

Key Benefits of RELAST

  • Most efficient reinforcement system with a German national technical approval.
  • Quick and easy installation while keeping structures in service.
  • Significant improvements in shear (up to 100%) and punching shear strength (up to 40%) with only a few reinforcing elements.
  • Significant increase in the structure's service life.
  • Suitable for structures subjected to dynamic loads.
  • Immediate load bearing capacity.

Benefits - RELAST Design Software

The Wurth structural reinforcement software makes the design process using RELAST so much easier. The software enables easy load inputs, versatile anchor arrangement option, choice of pure shear or punching shear design, and detailed calculation printout.

Download RELAST Design Software | Technical Software II

The Wurth RELAST Design Software is one of many modules of the free Wurth Technical Software II. Download the Wurth Technical Software II to access the Wurth RELAST Design Software. Please note: To run the software, operating system Windows 7 or higher is required.