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C-Part Management made easy

The C-Parts procurement process is time-consuming and expensive. These costs are disproportionately high compared to the purchase price. Wurth Australia can offer your business a range of solutions to help you manage the procurement and storage of small parts.

What are C-Parts?

C-Parts are articles with a low purchase volume, but extremely high process costs.

Most of the time, C-Parts are MRO-articles (Maintenance, Repair and Operations). Different to direct materials, MRO-articles have a secondary importance for the end product and are not directly consumed as a main part. However these parts (such as tools, spare parts, screws, nuts and bolts) are essential for the production.

Typical characteristics of C-Articles:

  • Involves high order effort
  • Attracts high process costs
  • Low price per unit
  • Consists of numerous small orders
  • Includes many diverse suppliers
  • Involves many different purchasers
  • Tends to get missed for strategic procurement, due to the low value


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