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Changing the World One Tool at a Time

Something as simple as giving a patient oxygen is not always a possibility. Health facilities often run without basic tools that could save a life. FREO2 exists solely to help reduce unjust inequalities in health.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a dramatic increase in worldwide recognition that access to medical oxygen can be the difference between life and death. FREO2 Foundation has been working tirelessly to improve care in small district hospitals and health centres around the world. Many of these centres are under serviced and in desperate need to improve - both in diagnosis and treatment.

FREO2 brings together students and experienced researchers and practitioners in physics, engineering, business, epidemiology, clinical medicine and public health to help make a difference.

FREO2 Foundation FREO2 Foundation

Wurth's Partnership with FREO2 Foundation

Since joining forces with FREO2 Foundation, Wurth Australia has contributed to important projects that deliver the greatest impact in remote and disadvantaged communities. Through our donations of brand new, high quality tools, state of the art equipment and much needed PPE, the team at FREO2 Foundation can continue to save lives through their innovative medical oxygen technology. These machines have been developed specifically to provide a constant supply of oxygen to patients, even during a power outage.

Dr Bryn Sobott, co-founder and Director of FREO2 said about the sponsorship, "Wurth is enabling communities to combat pneumonia by providing quality tools to FREO2 Social Enterprises for the installation of oxygen systems. Installations are currently underway in 20 health facilities in Western Uganda, such as Rakai Hospital. Increased access to sustainable, life-saving oxygen will allow children not only to survive, but to thrive."

So far, the foundation has treated 1,415 children with FREO2 enabled oxygen, expanded across 7 health facilities and trained 156 health care workers.

FREO2 Uganda Team

FREO2 Uganda Project

FREO2 recently helped with installations and continued much needed maintenance on existing equipment within the Ugandan community.

The tool quality in Uganda is often very poor, leading to the need for tough and reliable tools and equipment. That’s where Wurth stepped in!

The Uganda team recently shared some photos of the latest installation completed using Wurth equipment.

Freo2 Uganda

Sheillah (centre) and the team love the quality of the equipment and the aim is to install another 16 Oxygen systems over the next 7 months.

We look forward to a continued partnership with Freo2 Foundation and we’re excited to follow their journey as they change the landscape of healthcare across the globe.

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