Corporate Culture & Company Values

Our Vision & Mission

As a wholesale company, we of course love selling. However satisfying our customers is not enough, we want to inspire them. We do this by offering ideas, system and service solutions that make their business progress. Our vision: Becoming the number 1 in the eyes of our customers as the best sales team.

Corporate Culture and Company Values at Wurth Australia

Our Values & Commitments

Managing with this clear vision, we ensure that our core company values and fundamental principles, which are embedded within our Code of Compliance, are lived on a daily lives. We take great care of our employees as they are the core of our business and success and we meet our Social and Environmental responsibilities.


Mutual trust, reliability, honesty and straightforwardness are the fundamental principles of our corporate culture.


“Thank you” is the most important word when we deal with each other. It shows respect and recognition for the achievements and work of our employees and the trust that our customers place in us.


We treat each other in a responsible manner with dignity, courtesy and respect. Within Wurth Australia, we embrace diversity and inclusion and actively promote a working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Safety in the workplace

Safety in the workplace

We ensure that our workplaces comply with the legal standards set for workplace and occupational safety and the relevant regulations.
Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate
Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

Work/Life Balance

Well-being & Work/Life Balance

Wurth employees are the head and heart of the company and the source of our success. As a company, we value a culture where our people come first. We continuously review measures to maintain the feel-good factor of our employees. These measures target the well-being (work/life balance) of our employees and are intended to encourage them to assume personal responsibility in the areas of health, family and career.

This is the exact reason why we have partnered with Australia’s leading mental health support network, Beyond Blue. Wurth Australia has implemented a range of mental health and wellbeing initiatives to nurture and support our staff and customers around the country. Learn more about our partnership with Beyond Blue.

Team Building

Team Building

At Wurth Australia team building is essential! It is important for us that our employees get together on a regular basis and enjoy some time in an informal setting to celebrate achievements and wins. Spending good times together encourages inter-divisional communication, builds trust and increases collaboration. We strongly believe that happy employees spread their positive energy across the organisation with a positive impact on the overall business.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

“Growth is part of everyday life, it’s an expression of a living company”, says Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Reinhold Würth, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Würth Group’s Family Trusts. We strongly believe that growing as a business is closely related to the personal growth and development of our workforce. Therefore we invest in ongoing training programs.
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Communication & Information Sharing

We endorse clear communication and relevant information sharing across all levels of our business. It’s important for us that our employees across Australia are aware of the current company situation and that they have all relevant information to perform in their jobs. We achieve this not only with meetings, catch-ups and digital information spreads bur also with our internal company magazine “Wurth Reading”. Besides news from different business departments, the magazine also contains news about achievements, rewards, corporate functions as well as the introduction of new colleagues, their personal and family news. We pride ourselves on an open door policy and work hard to ensure all employees feel welcome and informed.

Work and Family

Work & Family

As a family oriented business we support our employees to make family life and their job compatible - by offering part-time arrangements and supporting employees with family matters.

Women in Workplace

Women in the Workplace

Wurth Australia is a proud equal opportunity employer that is compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act (2012). We have a strong team of professional women within our business in a predominately male orientated market place. We pride ourselves on the collaboration between staff and maintain a positive open door workplace at all levels within our business, remembering at all times our vision of “we love selling”.

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