Social Media Partnerships

At Wurth Australia we love to see our products on social media.

We have partnered with several social media figures within the trade industries, to further promote our products.



"Need a Lift? @wurthaustralia . Have you seen the @viking_arm on Instagram overseas?"



"Need premium fasteners for your projects? Then @wurthaustralia is your go-to supplier!"



Viking Arm is the perfect tool for cabinetry! Spotted here at the @CarpentryByStu Warehouse!



" Mr Do It All! . The Viking Arm is a winner, the amount of jobs/tasks that have been aided by this tool makes it all Würth it... "



" @viking_arm at it again helping me straighten this bowed form ply spot on Today. I rate this tool highly for all the different uses it has and the strength/force it can achieve from the lever mechanism..."



"3000, 5000, or 25,000? Which Wurth Top Head Construction Screw pack are you choosing this Christmas?"



"Wurth viking arm... @wurthaustralia"



"Push it @viking_arm. Precision insturment. Who has a Viking Arm? So many uses!"

Want to partner with us?

We're always on the lookout for new social media partnerships, simply send us an email at