Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at Wurth Australia

Social experiences, cultural commitment and environmental management play a big role in Wurth Australia’s company culture. Besides our environmental management program, focus areas of our dedication are sports and social commitments.


Commitment, teamspirit and the intention to always give the best are not only essential elements in sports, they also reflect our core company values. As a family oriented business we believe in strong and mutually rewarding partnerships – not only with our employees and customers but also with our partners.

As a supplier in the automotive industry, we of course have a passion for motorsports and motorsport related fields. It’s this passion that makes us support exceptional teams and individuals motorsport talents on their journey to success. Learn more about our current sponsorship partners.


Wurth Australia regularly supports local communities and charitable organisations. The company aspires to raise awareness throughout the year by supporting multiple foundation campaigns, donating goods and providing financial support by way of charitable donations and an internal workplace-giving program. Learn more about our currently supported social organisations.


At Wurth Australia we care about our environment. Throughout our business processes we focus on minimising the environmental impact. We are continuously improving in this space. Learn more about our sustainability program.

Sponsorship Enquiries

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Please note:
Incoming sponsorship requests have to proceed through an internal selection procedure. The considering process can take some time as we receive numerous sponsorship requests. We will inform you about the outcome of your inquiry as soon as possible. Please understand that not all sponsorship enquiries can be accepted.

To consider your inquiry, we require the following information:

Please note that we can’t consider enquires with missing information.

  • Contact person
  • Description of the organisation or sports talent and their goals
  • Reason why you would like Wurth to sponsor you
  • Return values for us as an organisation

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