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ORSY® System Case - Your top organising tool!

For tools, small parts and consumables. Stationary and mobile!

ORSY® System Case - Your top organising tool!

For tools, small parts and consumables. Stationary and mobile!

More than just a storage box ...

Custom Configurations
Organised Possibilities

A tough performer

Robust and long-lasting. The scratch-resistant material of the ORSY® System Case is resistant to oil and grease, temperature and weathering. Protected against water spray and equipped with a handle that can withstand up to 60 kg, it’s a tough performer that works just as hard as you do!

ORSY® System Cases - A tough Performer

So many benefits ...

Whilst the outside impresses with its toughness, durability and robustness, the inside convinces with sophistication and intelligence.

The straight edges ensure the case offers maximum storage space. Small parts like drive bits and fasteners can easily be stored. The recessed grip on either side of the case allows quick and easy repositioning on your work surface. Especially designed when on the move, the two locking elements with finger handles provide secure closing and allow simple opening at the same time.

ORSY® System Case –  Recessed Lid ORSY® System Case - Handle ORSY® System Case - Inside ORSY® System Case - Clasps ORSY® System Case - Feet ORSY® System Case - Recessed Grips ORSY® System Case - Coupling ORSY® System Case - Seals
ORSY® System Case –  Recessed Lid

Recessed Lid

ORSY® System Case - Handle


ORSY® System Case - Inside


ORSY® System Case - Clasps


ORSY® System Case - Feet


ORSY® System Case - Recessed Grips

Recessed Grips

ORSY® System Case - Coupling


ORSY® System Case - Seals


An experience worth having

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The customer says

As carpenters, we are constantly hauling our kit around to every site. The Wurth cases mean that our team can quickly be set up and organised for the day! The coupling ability means our team can interlock all the cases they’ll need and transport them to site securely and easily! The cases have definitely stood the test of durability! Most of our work is outside in the elements and in a high paced environment. These are our go-to as we have noticed how much more efficiently we work with these cases. If you're looking to set yourself or your crew up we couldn't recommend this product enough.

Sean, SJ Carpentry Services

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The Wurth ORSY® expert says

ORSY® System Cases are the first step to a customised supply and service concept. The advantage of having the right product at the right time is a key benefit for any business. This solution can be kept in specialised racking or also convert to a convenient mobile solution.

Andrew Wilson, Head of Key Accounts and ORSY®

ORSY® System Case – The clever storage solution within the Wurth ORSY® System World.

ORSY® System Case – Versatile and Smart! For maximum efficiency.

Versatile and flexible

The ORSY® System Case is available in different sizes. Whether you prefer the small System Case 4.4 or the big System Case 8.4, both cases come with copius benefits and keep everything in perfect order.

Tough on the outside, smart on the inside!

MODULAR DIMENSIONS – Providing endless opportunities for every case size.

Designed by specialists for contents, the modular components ensure that all elements in the ORSY® system world are designed to fit together and are compatible with each other. Everything aligns in this the world of ORSY® and everything has its place: Small parts, tools, machines and much more fit precisely in the case – and the case fits perfectly into the shelf in your warehouse, in the stacking cabinet in your workshop, in the shelving module in your vehicle or the transport box the construction site. Everything is flexible. Everything is always to hand.

Base Unit 1.1.1 | The basis for the ORSY® system world

The basis for the new ORSY® system world is the standard modular dimension. The smallest unit is 1.1.1 (one unit wide, one unit deep, one unit high). It corresponds to the smallest system box and is therefore like a base unit.

  • One unit wide
  • One unit deep
  • One unit high

Unit 2.2.1

Compatible with ORSY®System Case 4.4.1 and 8.4.1

Unit 2.1.2

Compatible with ORSY®System Case 4.4.2 and 8.4.2

With enough space for all of your tools!

Flexible storage of small parts, machines and tools!

The new 8.4.3 and 8.4.5 system cases are the ideal storage solution for both your consumables and M-CUBE power tools! Fully customisable to suit your needs, the new range of system cases will be an essential for any workshop or toolkit

Stack Them Up! For clever storage – stationary or mobile.

System Transport Trolly

Can Be used for ORSY® system cases in sizses 8.4 and 4.4 and ORSY®BULL

  • Variable height adjustment up to 1100 mm enables easy adjustment to the operator's body size
  • Large-profile wheels enable use outdoors
  • Rounded crossbars enable round items to be transported
  • Sturdy crossbars make it easier to tilt heavy loads

Store your ORSY® System Case in a System Stacking Cabinet
Compatible with ORSY® System Case 4.4.1 and 8.4.1
Single Stacking Cabinets can be stacked and screwed together.

Take your ORSY® System Case with you!
Stack your cases together – loosely on top of each other using the base feet or firmly fasten the cases to each other.