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Many businesses run into trouble when they lose track of C-Parts they’ve used on a job. Over a period of time, this cost adds up to a significant amount of money. Often, C-Parts are lost, misplaced or stored in a way that doesn’t maximise efficiency.


Can you imagine recovering the cost of every nut, bolt and washer used on your jobs? Recovery Plus does just that!

Provided free of charge, Recovery Plus is a custom solution designed to enable customers to track, manage and recover the cost of consumables. Wurth Recovery Plus provides your workshop with an efficient and effective ‘Scan Out’ system that allows you to produce invoices for the supplies used on each individual job.


  • All staff members in your workshop can contribute to cost recovery.
  • This means you turn what was previously a cost for your business, into a recoverable and chargeable expense with a profit!


Call the team today for a complimentary discussion about how the Wurth Recovery System can be your solution for success! Contact your Wurth Sales Representative or call 1300 65 77 65.

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