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When re-ordering stocked articles, processing errors can be made and it’s a common challenge many businesses are familiar with.

Usually, the procurement process is a manual procedure with many employees involved. A warehouse team member writes the required articles down on a piece of paper and passes the note to purchasing staff, who have the task of processing the order. Keyboard errors and incorrect order quantities are all common, not to mention the expenditure of time and associated costs.


ORSY®Scan is a modern ordering system that makes life easier.

Simply scan the unique barcode on your product box, ORSY® label or your Barcode Catalogue, connect the scanner to your computer and transfer the information into your Wurth eShop account.

Prior to releasing the order, you have the option to assign cost centres, order numbers and select your delivery address. In case your order requires approval by a Purchasing Manager or similar, an approval process can be integrated. ORSY®Scan also gives you the ability to load scanned items into your own procurement system via an OCI-/Punchout interface.

Once you have completed your order, it is transmitted directly to our system and processed at the click of a button.


  • Simple, fast and error-free ordering of Wurth products
  • Saves time & money
  • Optimises the operation of warehouse and purchasing staff


Never run out of essentials again!

ORSY®Scan is available for Wurth customers who meet the key selection criteria. Get in touch with your Wurth Sales Representative or call us on 1300 65 77 65 to find out more information.