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News & Technical Articles
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18/06/2021 Company & Business WIT-SHB Filling Washer for Optimiising Shear Load Distribution among Anchors in an Anchor Group
When fasteners loaded in shear are relatively close to a concrete edge, failure can occur in the form of concrete edge breakout. Quantifying the shear strength of an anchorage against concrete edge breakout is well covered in AS5216 and is largely dependent on edge distance and concrete strength. Read more...
01/06/2021 Company & Business 100-year working life for post-installed chemical fastenings.
There is a global initiative to significantly improve the safety and sustainability of new or existing structures. This initiative covers different phases of the ‘design to construction timeline’ of a project.Read more...
01/06/2021 Company & Business RELAST | Post-Installed Retrofitting System
For improving the punching shear and shear capacity of reinforced concrete elements .
11/05/2021 Trade Show Wurth Australia @ the Australasian Tunnelling Conference 2021
Wurth Australia was exhibiting at the Australasian Tunnelling Conference 2021, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.
27/05/2019 Standards AS 5216:2018 is a ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ standard in NCC 2019.
The 2019 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC) officially became effective in May 1, 2019. The NCC provide the required technical requirements to ensure safety and performance in a number of workscopes in the design and construction of relevant buildings. Read more...
27/05/2019 Trade Show Wurth Australia @ Concrete 2019
Wurth Australia is excited to be exhibiting at Concrete 2019!
Visit our engineering team at the Concrete 2019 Conference organised by the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA). Held at the world class International Convention Centre Sydney in Darling Harbour, come and experience the interesting world of Wurth anchor connections. Read more...
22/05/2018 Standards Australian Anchoring Standard AS 5216:2018 supersedes SA TS 101:2015
Another milestone for safety standards in the Australian construction industry has been achieved! Standards Australia recently published the new Anchoring Standard AS 5216:2018 “Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete”. This standard replaces the previous specification SA TS 101:2015, which is referenced in the National Construction Code (NCC). Read more...