Chemical Anchors – Technical Reference Material

Wurth Chemical Anchor

WIT-PM 200 – Polyester Injection Mortar

2-component reaction resin mortar, polyester styrene-free
Individual fastening: Uncracked concrete, masonry of solid and perforated bricks.

Wurth Chemical Anchor

WIT-VM 250 – Vinylester Injection Mortar

2-component reaction resin mortar, vinylester styrene-free
Individual fastening: Cracked (M12–M30) and uncracked concrete (M8–M30)

Wurth Chemical Anchors

WIT-PE 500 - Pure Epoxy Injection Mortar

Chemical injection mortar, pure epoxy Injection mortar for subsequently mortared-in reinforcement attachments.
Individual attachment:Cracked and non-cracked concrete

Wurth Chemical Anchor

WIT-UH 300 - Hybrid Urethane – Vinylester Injection Mortar

Styrene-free. Flexible high-performance mortar for concrete Individual attachment:Cracked and uncracked concrete.