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Fully equipped trolley with a comprehensive 316 piece tool selection

Comes with six complete tool trays designed especially for the trolley.

  • Combi Wrench Tray
  • Striking Tool and Files Tray
  • Pliers Tray
  • Screwdrivers Tray
  • 1/4 and 1/2 Sockets Tray
  • 3/8 Sockets Tray

Trolley is easy to move.

  • Sturdy side handle.

Wide range of accessories.

  • The workshop trolley can be adapted to the needs of the application in question using different accessories.

Drawers with full extension, two-stage locking concept.

  • Central locking with cylinder lock.
  • One-handed unlocking and individual drawer locks prevent drawers from accidentally opening.

Comes fully equipped with system assortments.

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7 drawers Wheels Handle One hand Foam inserts Top
7 drawers

7 Drawers with two stage locking concept.


Supported by 4 rubber wheels with a brake lock.


Ergonomic handle.

One hand

One-handed unlocking.

Foam inserts

All foam inserts are interchangeable with every drawer.


Compartmental trolley top.

Equipped With The Assortments Below

These assortments are compatible with all ORSY system products. The inserts come with an attractive carbon finish and marked with the sizes of the tools to aid with finding the correct tool.

Refer to this publication for the full list of contents: System Workshop Trolley System Workshop Trolley

Combination Wrench - 36 pcs.
Circlip Pliers - 25 pcs.
Striking Tool And Files - 24 pcs.
Screwdriver - 21 pcs.
Socket Wrench 3/8 “ - 102 pcs.
Socket Wrench 1/4” + 1/2 “ - 108 pcs.