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Depending on your company structure, not every employee in your business is authorised to make purchases. Also, staff members are often situated in different departments but ordering happens centrally in the purchasing department. Consequently, many staff members submit their order requests manually or per phone to the purchasing department.

With many departments submitting their requests, errors can occur which often leads to problems such as production delays or loss of production.


The Wurth eShop offers customers an efficient and easy approval workflow. This allows you to create different user accounts, approvers and shopping cart creators.

Specific staff member can be set up as shopping cart creators, giving them the ability to enter their order requests into the system. The procurement manager can then either approve, change or reject the order request. Only approved orders will be released and sent to Wurth Australia for processing.


  • Procurement process optimisation
  • More accurate orders
  • Order transparency
  • Feature is integrated in the Wurth App


To setup approval workflows for your business, simply register for the Wurth eShop. Once you have received your login details, additional eShop users can be created and the approval process can be defined. For detailed approval workflow setup instructions, check out our eShop handbook.