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Generally, companies order material from various suppliers with a unique supplier product number. To simplify the handling of purchased goods, many organisations assign their internal product number to the supplier product number. This re-coding is however time consuming, prone to errors and can entail further difficulties in the procurement process.

ProductSupplier Article Number (Wurth)Customer Specific Article Number
Brake Cleaner0890108719CSAN01_2020
Tyre Repair Probe Mushroom087999 06CSAN02_2020
Silicone Spray0893221CSAN03_2020


The Wurth eShop offers the possibility to order with your own internal article numbers. This customer specific article number will also appear on all documents including order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices.


  • Time and cost saving
  • Error prevention during the procurement process
  • Appearance on all procurement documents


Synchronising article numbers is fast and simple. To request a free setup, please contact your Wurth Sales Representative or call us on 1300 65 77 65. You will be asked to provide a list of your customer specific article numbers and the matching Wurth product numbers. Once we have received this list, we can configure the feature for you.