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Purchasing departments often order products in one large order without considering the fact that these products are required for different end customer projects. In many cases, the cost allocation is a manual follow-up which makes it difficult to keep an overview of all costs.


The Wurth eShop offers the possibility to define and allocate cost centres to single items or entire orders. The defined cost centres will be displayed on all procurement documents including order confirmations, invoices and delivery notes and can be exported as Excel or csv file.

By using this solution, you can keep an overview of your costs, department allocations, projects and various construction site locations.


  • Helps to quickly and correctly allocate costs to customer orders and/or projects
  • Helps to control accrued costs


To access Cost Centre Management in the Wurth eShop, please contact your Wurth Sales Representative or call us on 1300 65 77 65. After the functionality has been activated, you can maintain your cost centres and allocate them to your orders within the Wurth eShop.