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Open Catalogue Interface (OCI)/Punchout
Open Catalogue Interface (OCI)/Punchout

Optimised procurement via your own procurement system.

Open Catalogue Interface (OCI)/Punchout

Optimised procurement via your own procurement system.


One of the biggest challenges procurement departments have to deal with is the administration of different suppliers and their ordering platforms.

Procurement staff members have to log into various supplier platforms to proceed with their orders and manage procurement documents such as order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices. These documents must then be downloaded and either manually stored or deposited into their own procurement system, which is often error-prone, time consuming and costly.


The OCI/Punchout interface allows businesses to directly access our ordering platform. This means the Wurth eShop can be accessed using your own procurement system without prior login. Not only can the Wurth eShop be used as a dynamic product catalogue, but it can also offer innovative functions that can be entirely used with the system connectivity.

Once the connection between your procurement system and the Wurth eShop has been established, products can be added to the shopping basket and transferred back into your procurement system. This transmitted data also includes information such as product quantity, price, delivery address, cost centre and approvals.

Back in the customers’ procurement system, the prepared order can undergo all common internal procedures including controls, budget checks and approvals.


  • Simplification and optimisation of the B2B-procurement process.
  • Reduced process costs.
  • Entire order process (C-Parts) is handled within your own procurement system.
  • Direct use of all innovative Wurth eShop functions.
  • Access to our dynamic Product Catalogue containing the most up to date product information.
  • Elimination of double data entries to ensure correct information transfer between you and Wurth Australia.
  • Time saving with order document management.
  • Retain of control and approval procedures.


Our Wurth IT experts can assist! They can help you define your goals and clarify content, formats, times and modality of the data interchange – Ph.: 1300 65 77 65.