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ORSYmat - Vending Machines
ORSYmat® | Vending Machines

Transparent & Convenient Inventory Management

ORSYmat® | Vending Machines

Transparent & Convenient Inventory Management


Keeping control of your consumables can be very difficult. When no accountability measures are in place, many businesses lose money from high product consumption and wastage. It can make it very hard to keep up with re-ordering and allocating cost centres.


Imagine having an unlimited supply of all essential consumables in your warehouse. This is precisely the principle behind ORSYmat®. And you don't need a lot of space for it!

Your employees can access products when they need it, they simply scan a provided pass to identify themselves and the item is dispensed according to the predefined rules set by you. The innovative control system communicates directly with the ERP system of Wurth Australia and this facilitates real-time inventory management and automated refilling of consumables, tools and essential product groups, such as personal protective equipment. This not only gives you full transparency, but also control. All delivered in a small but powerful space!


  • Full stock transparency.
  • The ability to control the supply and usage of essential consumables.
  • Have stock on hand at all times.
  • All items are stored safely and securely.
  • Automatically submit purchase requisitions to Wurth Australia when stock is running low.


For more information about how ORSYmat® can help your business, please call 1300 65 77 65.