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Premium Decking Screws – Stainless Steel

Wurth Premium Decking Screws are the result of many years of experience in the decking construction industry. The close collaboration with our customers and engineers allows us to offer Decking Screws of the highest quality. Continuous research and development efforts further optimise our products to ensure even better performance.

Decking Screws from Wurth are available in a wide range of different screw heads for your individual decking construction requirements. Many Wurth ASSY® Decking Screws are also available in a 6g option for cladding and other hidden fix applications.

Discover the Decking Screw Range

Decking Screws - Rost proof,  stainless steel

Rust Proof

The entire Decking Screw range is made of high quality austenitic A2 Stainless Steel and therefore ideal for outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements. Select Wurth Decking Screws for guaranteed long-life durability of your decking construction!

ETA approved

ETA Approved

All Wurth ASSY® Decking Screws are ETA assessed. The European Technical Approval is a technical assessment of the fitness for use of a construction product for an intended use in accordance with the Council Directive 89/106/EEC of 21 December 1988. ETA 11/0190 was granted for ASSY® and accessory products.

Decking Screws - RW Drive

RW Drive

For Ideal power transmission. Designed by Wurth.

  • More power due to larger contact area at the bit
  • More stability, one-handed working, precise positioning due to the tight-fit recess and perfect fit of the bit
  • Fewer bit changes, one bit for many screw diameters
  • Compatibility with previous AW drive

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ASSY® 4 - High-performance Timber Screw

ASSY® 4 | High-performance Timber Screw

It is our goal to provide you with the best screw performance in wood applications. Our development engineers and production experts have once again improved the performance of the ASSY® with a new top-quality product - The ASSY® 4!
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M-CUBE® - Cordless Power Tools

M-CUBE® | Cordless Power Tools

Powerful, durable and easy to switch due to intelligent features. Learn more about the Wurth M-CUBE® to power up your Decking Construction projects.
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