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Grass Hardware Range

GRASS Hardware Range

Functional movement means so much more than just »open and close«.

Bringing innovative, high quality and progressive hardware to the Wurth Australia range, you'll love the new G*GRASS slide and hinge systems.

Everything you need to get organised in one place.

Drawer System
Drawer System

Drawer System

Novo Pro Scala

Nova Pro is the embodiment of exceptionally easy opening, excellent running characteristics, minimum drawer deflection and outstanding reliability.

Clear design principles and the perfect combination of form and function. The minimalist design with its striking lines, right angles and small radii gives the double-walled metal drawer sides a timeless, functional appearance. The special charcater of Nova Pro Scala is based on perfection down to the last detail and modular system concept.

Nova Pro Scala

Nova Pro Scala means diversity, neutral aesthetics, inspiration and creativity.

A modular system requires standard features that can be combined. Nova Pro Scala therefore offers five standard heights.

Starting at 90 mm for low available heights and up to 250 mm for special requirements, supplemented by a rectangular railing, Nova Pro Scala is as versatile as our customers' furniture.

Nova Pro Scala - Inset Panel

Inset panel.
A statement look hidden inside.

Today we are seeing more and more high fronts with inset drawers hidden behind them. High fronts can make modern furniture look even more minimalist.

Nova Pro Scala offers a truly beautiful solution for these special applications: elegant and extremely narrow inset panels with a shape and colour perfectly adapted to the drawer system.

Nova Pro Scala - High Quality Drawer Slides

High-quality drawer sides.
The perfect combination of form and function.

A minimal installation width and the 90° inner sides of the slim Scala drawer sides provide up to 11% more storage space. The solid front connection guarantees a secure hold up to a front height of 780 mm.

The proven Nova Pro slide ensures excellent running characteristics for load capacities up to 70 kg and the Soft-close technology ensures a smooth closing movement as well as effortless opening.

Dividing and Organising
Sorting system

Diving and Organising Systems

Tavinea Sorto

The G*GRASS dividing and organising systems are designed to ensure the neat and tidy arrangement of drawer contents for everday use in the kitchen.

The Tavinea Sorto interior accessory range is the ideal compliement to all GRASS drawer systems. Function, shape and colour are all perfectly coordinated, allowing the interior accessory system to blend seamlessly with the colours of the drawer sides.

To further complement the Tavinea Sorto system, the Tavinea Optima dividing system for pot drawers provides flexible positioning with snap-in profile clips for smart yet stable support for items such as pots and pans.

The ranges:

  • Tavinea Sorto
  • Tavinea Optima
  • Drawer Divider
Tavina Sorto

Tavinea Sorto for Nova Pro drawers.

Virtually no other interior accessory system combines simple systematics with a high degree of flexibility as perfectly as Tavinea Sorto. The system matches the colour of the drawer sides to form a perfect whole with Nova Pro Scala regular and pot drawers.

Tavinea Optima

Tavinea Optima dividing system for pot drawers.

The slim Tavinea Optima divider profiles allow flexible positioning anywhere in the drawer thanks to the snap-in profile clips. Plus, the optional smartboards, which can be easily attached to the divider profiles using a clip, provide stable support for items such as pans and plates.

Tavinea Optima offers maximum flexibility for dividing drawers.The system allows tool-free adjustment and can be retrofitted at any time.

Tavinea Sorto

Tavinea Sorto interior accessory system for drawers.

Whether one, two or three elements, Tavinea Sorto can be used to quickly and easily organise drawers of any width. The frame system can be positioned and moved within the drawer as required. The length divider and frame elements are arranged intuitively. This allows you to create compartments where you need them, regardless of the width of the drawer.

The frame elements are made of 6 mm slim metal profiles with a design that makes the Tavinea Sorto a functional eye-catcher.
Purist, sleek design, matt surfacesand timeless colours.

Sounds simple...
And it is.

Tiomos Hinge System


Tiomos Hinge System!

One of the outstanding characteristics of the hinge system is the soft-close damper, which features stepwise adjustment and is fully concealed within the hinge arm. The complex inner workings of the high-tech hinge are hidden from view, much like a Swiss clock movement, and are sure to impress with their unique samping characteristics. The closing motion is even and seamless in each movement phase. And all this from an opening angle of just 20 degrees, irrespective of the size and weight of the door.

PPE - Gloves

Every function has been completely redesigned and redeveloped from the bottom up.

Tiomos offers greater scope for creative design in furniture construction. The hinge system enables full-overlay doors up to 24 mm, ensures a stable connection thanks to the 30% larger contact area, and provides a matching design for combinations of hinges with and without Soft-close.

In addition to damping, Tiomos hinges can also be optionally fitted with a self-opening mechanism.

PPE - Glasses

Perfect alignment in an instant.

The Tiomos hinge system offers three movement dimensions for fine adjustment: Stepless, self-locking depth adjustment by+3 to -2 mm using a worm screw.

The height can be adjusted by +/-2 mm. The overlay adjustment is +/-2 mm with limit stop.

PPE - Hearing

Another stroke of genius is the new kinematics inside Tiomos.

Physically optimised lever movements make furniture doors extremely easy to open. In addition, the unique kinematics enable unprecedented alignments with minimal gap widths.

These special features of the new hinge system are particularly beneficial for furniture designers, as the reduced gaps and reveals open up completely new possibilities in furniture design.