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Re-ordering products, especially C-Parts, can be challenging for the procurement department. Your business might already use the Wurth eShop, but your procurement staff has to manually search for products and add them into the shopping basket one by one. This costs you time that you can surely use for other tasks.


The EAN Barcode Catalogue gives you the freedom to scan and order products from your workplace with the barcode scanner ORSYscan®. Thumbnail images and product descriptions makes it easy to identify your required item within the booklet. After you have scanned all products, simply connect the ORSYscan® barcode scanner to your computer, login to the Wurth eShop and release your order.


  • Easy and quick ordering from your workplace (ORSYscan® required)
  • Different EAN Barcode Catalogues can be created whenever required
  • Barcode Catalogues can be created by any Wurth eShop user within your organisation


Simply create your EAN Barcode Catalogue with all required products via the Wurth eShop. You will receive a PDF file, which you can print and distribute within your organisation. For more information, please contact your Wurth Sales Representative or call us on 1300 65 77 65.