At Wurth, service & speed go hand in hand.

In today’s fast paced, competitive operating environment, Wurth Australia not only understands and appreciates the need for systems, but also spearheads technology and innovation to create market orientated and customer centric solutions for managing consumables in organisations of all shapes and sizes. Starting at the staple solution of ORSY – Organised Systems where customers leverage the modular system of components to provide maximum process transparency, making it easier to manage and visually monitor consumable usage.

ORSY continues to grow and be enhanced, tailoring the solution for customers of all sizes, with the recent introduction of ORSY Scan. This allows customers to easily scan consumables and replenish via online solutions. It includes the opportunity to create customer specific ‘punch out’ catalogues that contain barcodes for easy and efficient scanning and customer specific pricing – all designed to increase operating efficiencies.

Wurth Select caters for controlled environments with a particular focus on 24/7 operations. Wurth Select leverages vending machine technology, and combined with a suite of reporting, it allows for consistent monitoring and automated replenishment.

Wurth E-Shop – State of the art technology that allows online purchasing and management of consumables. Customers can create custom designed workflows that allow for cost controlling within predetermined time frames. Customers can search the Wurth Australia range, view technical information, access Safety Data Sheets and create order templates for easy replenishment.

Wurth In Time – Designed for just in time manufacturing, this Kanban style of delivery provides manufacturers and operators the right amount of consumables, based on scheduling and production demands. All lines are conveniently provided in Wurth designed bins that provide quick access to even the smallest of parts.