Lukey Luke

Wurth Australia is proud of our continued partnership with internationally renowned Stunt Rider, Lukey Luke.

Lukey Luke specialises in performing Streetbike Stunt Shows at a wide variety of events both large and small around Australia and overseas.

It has been Lukey Luke’s goal since day one - To be the best he can be and continually push himself to maintain that goal today!

Since Lukey Luke was young he has been addicted to motorcycles and riding them at their limits. Luke started on dirt bikes, growing up riding at local tracks with mates and in the family paddocks at home in Melbourne. As he grew older, his desire to succeed and a burning ambition to develop his skills led him to road racing in the 250cc production bike category. This progressed to larger bikes with a more diverse range of specialties, with Luke constantly pushing himself to learn and develop new tricks. 

He now lives his dream specialising in street bike freestyle stunts. Since 2003, he has been a professional stunt rider and has performed all over Australia and surrounding counties including Malaysia and New Zealand.

Luke has also had the pleasure of performing at events like Formula1, MotoGP, V8 Supercars and the World Superbikes. He wows the crowds with his gravity defying stunts and leaves spectators on the edge of their seats!

Having a full calendar performing at all major motorsport events in Australia, Luke took Gold at the Moto Mayhem being crowned Australian stunt riding Champion.

Be sure to follow this space to keep up to date with Lukey Luke’s upcoming events and appearances.

Facebook | @LukeyLukeStunt
Instagram | @lukey_luke