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Many businesses around Australia struggle to store their tools, consumables and OH&S equipment safely when working out on the worksite. This is made even more difficult when working in remote or regional areas where transporting supplies to and from the worksite is impractical.


Our unique range of fully lockable and customisable ORSYcube® solutions prevent theft and provide ultimate control, whilst ensuring that all your important equipment and consumables are stored in central, secure location. Walk in, identify what you need and your Wurth Sales Representative will make sure it stays topped up with all the essentials you require. Think of it as an additional storeroom, coordinated and managed by us!


  • Safe, secure and controllable storage
  • Convenience of having all of your consumables, tools, PPE and more organised and located in one central location
  • Maintained by your Wurth Sales Representative, so you can rest assured you will never run out of what you need.
  • Container equipped with additonal ORSY® solutions such as the traditional ORSY®, ORSY® System Cases and/or ORSYmat® Vending Machines


For more information about how ORSYcube® can help your business, please call 1300 65 77 65.