The end of an era

As I come to the end of a thirty year association with the Fox Group, I find myself reflecting back to the projects, challenges and staff I worked with all those years ago.

We were a relatively small team with varied and comprehensive skill sets. We had faith in each other’s ability and we covered a lot of restoration ground metaphorically speaking. There were two mechanics, an assembler, one exceptional motor trimmer and for a brief time, four body guys.

For the most part, we were left alone solving most challenges and problems internally. Much to the surprise of the industry, we were relatively self-sufficient. Sure, we had outside suppliers but as a team, we seemed to have the solutions to solve the challenges at hand. We built cars, won shows and gained a reputation for producing and restoring cars to a high standard.

As I wrap up my time with the Fox group, I wanted to share some photos and dedicate the next few blogs to the past. I will introduce some of the past team members, share some great restoration projects and some ‘money can’t buy’ moments.

At our first Hawthorn Road workshop in Caulfield, we all had some very challenging projects ahead of us, some of those projects are seen in the photos attached. It is here that I worked on my first 300 SL; I gained a deep appreciation for this timeless classic in more ways than one.

May 2018